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Here you will find the answer to our most common questions. Should you have a question that is not listed you are welcome to contact us and we will answer it if possible. Questions regarding bike rentals are preferably sent to our partners at Travelshop.

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General questions

Where do the tours start? Do you have a store?

Our starting point is Carlsgatan 4, just across the street form Malmö central station. Our map for the City Tour marks out the spot.

We do not operate any store, and it is not possible to visit us outside the scope of a guided tour. You can try our partners Travelshop however, located at the same address.

It should be noted that larger private groups often start a couple of blocks to the east due to larger bike storage space there.

What happens if it is cold and raining?
We do not give in to a few rain drops; our tours run as long as the weather is not a safety hazard. Should we end up in an unexpected rainfall, we have some rain ponchos to borrow so that no one has to come home all wet. Of course it is always good to bring an extra sweater or jacket should it be colder than anticipated.

However, we do of course understand that the enjoyment you will get from the tour varies somewhat depending on if the sun is out or not. In order to increase the chances of a sunny tour we always allow you to re-book the City Tour to another day with availability. This applies right up to the start of the tour, so it is possible to change your mind at the spot. The Rural Tour and private tours require preparations, but if you contact us about re-booking we will see if there is any opportunity to move the tour to another day.
Is it possible to pay by card?
Yes, that is fine. Just make sure to arrive in time before the tour to allow us to do the payment this way.
Is it possible to pre-pay the tour online?
Only for private tours at this moment.
Can we bring children on the tour?
Yes. If they are big enough we give them their own bike; we have a couple of bikes for bigger children. Small children can be brought if you rent a cargo bike, which has room for 3-4 smaller children or 2 somewhat larger. There is also the option to use a so called tag-a-long, which is an attachment put on the back on an adults' bike where children use pedals but do not have to navigate the vehicle.
What languages do you offer?
The scheduled tour is available in English. When booking private tours it is possible to request other languages. We do of course not speak all the world's languages fluently, but for most major languages we are able to ask other well qualified guides we have contact with. Get in touch and we will see what we can arrange for you.

Private tours

Is a private tour something for me?

Yes, why not? For smaller groups private tours are often among the best ones as they can be adapted to any need or interest. The price for a tour is the same up to 10 people participating.

In case you represent a larger then group private tours is certainly the thing for you. Get in touch with us and we will tailor the tour to suit the needs of your group.

I am thinking about a tour some time into the future, but I am still not sure when it can take place. How much in advance must a private tour be booked?
There is no hard rule on this. If you wish for a small easy tour and the bikes are available we are known to arrange tours the next day. Normally we recommend 1.5-2 months notice for groups of 25 participants and up, and about 1 month for groups smaller than that. This is to reduce the risk of us being fully booked or the bikes being reserved for other activities.
Are you able to arrange other kind of guided tours are well, such as tours without bikes?
Sometimes we do this. Tell us what you have in mind and we will see what we can do for you.

The City Tour

What is the content of the tour?
We think there should not have to be a choice between an entertaining tour and an informative tour. We put everything into context while at the same time use anecdotes and interesting stories to make this happen. We believe a guide should offer more than merely an exact recitation of an uninspiring manuscript or loose facts with no background story.

During the tour we see all important sights in Malmö reachable with a bike. This includes the City Hall, Main Square, People's Park, the hip Möllevången area, Malmö Castle, the Turning Torso and a spectacular view of the sea and the great Öresund Bridge (unless it is extremely foggy).
Is the tour safe?
Yes, as safe as any tour gets. More than 80% of the biking is done on protected bike lanes, and the rest is small streets with very little traffic. The only time to watch out is the few times we cross some medium sized inner city streets. Nowhere is the traffic a hazard since the limit is 40 km/hour in all of Malmö. Just make sure not to go against red light and you will be fine.
Is the tour physically demanding?
No. We often have senior citizens joining the tour, and if you spot a hill you will have to tell us since we have never seen one.
How long is the tour?
It can vary from day to day, but normally around 10 km.
At what time of the year do the scheduled tours start and end respectively?
It tends to change from one year to another. If there are not yet any dates up for an upcoming season you can always ask if we have them yet.

Previous years the earliest we have ever started was May and the latest we ended September, while other years have been June-August.


Could I rent a bike without taking part in a bike tour?
Well, yes and no. Malmö Bike Tours do not offer bike rental, but our partners at Travelshop do. We use the same bikes.
What bikes do you have? Do you have anything my size?
Our normal bike is an easy to use city bike with a basket and front and back brakes. They use Scandinavian style foot-breaks. There are some other bikes also available, like tandem, cargo and sports bikes. Our partners Travelshop are responsible for these bikes, so contact them for any questions on specifics.

If you want a special kind of bike or a bike of a certain size you can state this in your booking or contact Travelshop for quicker service. Give Travelshop your reservation number.
Do you have helmets?

Yes, and we think it is very good if you use one. However, since many customers do not want helmets you have to actively ask us when you do want a one.

Children are required to use helmet up to 15 years of age according to Swedish law.

Can I take part using my own bike?
Yes, of course!
Can I rent the bike for longer than just the tour?
Yes, you may rent the bike from just a few hours up to several weeks. Contact Travelshop to reserve bikes. If you booked a tour at our website, give Travelshop your reservation number.


Do I have to make a reservation to take part in a tour?
No, not for the City Tour. If you turn up without a reservation we can merely not guarantee that there is a spot. The tour could be full, so a reservation is always safest. If you want to take part in the City Tour but has no reservation we recommend that you show up well in advance; remaining spots are sold out first come first serve.

If you wish to do the Rural Tour you have to make a reservation since it is only open on request.
May I change or cancel a reservation?
Yes, most of the time. There are however a few exceptions.

You can always change day of the City Tour as long as the new day is not fully booked. You can do this until the tour starts.

If you wish to cancel the City Tour that is usually also fine. Just make sure to inform us so we do not wait for you. Do not forget to state your reservation number. You can both use email and telephone for this.

In case you got a ticket by prepayment from one of the agents that sell our tour the policy of the agent dictates whether you can get a refund. Should it not be possible we still offer you to change the date to a day that might be more suitable.

If you have booked the Rural Tour we do require cancellation at least 48 hours in advance. For private tours cancellation will be subject to the nature and scope of the tour.